How to Make Purple Paint in Growtopia Temel Açıklaması

How to Make Purple Paint in Growtopia Temel Açıklaması

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Add a large dollop of white paint to your mixing palette. Then, take a tiny amount of the true purple paint you mixed up with your paintbrush or palette knife and mix it with the white paint.

Adding white to different purples gives you lots of different pastels. A purple with more red in it gives you a rosy lavender or lilac, while more blue-leaning purple leaves you with a soft periwinkle.

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What color does blue and purple make? Here are five colors you get when you amp up the amount of blue in purple: 

Add more ultramarine blue in small increments to create a darker and deeper purple. Or, mix in more permanent rose for a warm, rich violet purple.

To make the perfect purple color, painters often mix pink with ultramarine blue. You could also use basic magenta or quinacridone magenta.

Mix equal amounts of permanent rose and ultramarine blue. These 2 shades of paint mix together really well to make what arka read more experts call the “perfect purple.”[4] X Expert Source

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